Youth sports is a rapidly growing industry.  Industry revenue in 2017 was $15.3 billion and is projected to rise to $77.6 billion within the next 5 years.  Why the huge increase?  And where is all that money coming from?  Well… it’s a trickle-down effect.  Professional sports and athletes have evolved to almost superhuman levels.  Therefore, college sports and athletes have been forced to evolve to a higher standard also.  Where do you think that leaves the youth programs in this country?  

Of course, parents want the best for their children.  They don’t want to see their child fall behind or miss out on an opportunity to play the sport they love.  So parents send their kids to specialty camps and hire coaches for private lessons to try to give their child a chance to stand out.  These kids are getting pushed harder and harder at younger ages.  Kids are encouraged to pick a sport to focus on usually as young as 8 or 10 years old if not younger.  

The kid’s dream is to play a professional sport or even be a D1 athlete.  If there is a high school injury, the reality of those dreams decreases significantly or is gone.  Just like we want to give our kids an athletic advantage… we HAVE to give them a healthier advantage also.


There are 2 things that can not be ignored any longer in youth sports programs.  

#1 – Strength and flexibility in ligaments and tendons.  Strength and agility conditioning beginning at the age of 8 years old (or even sooner) allows kids to create the foundation needed to perform at higher levels with reducing the chances of injury.  I am not talking about hitting the gym and lifting weights.  Simple straightforward bodyweight activities are exactly what is needed to develop ligaments and tendons.

#2 – Structural instabilities.  The nerves that come out of the spine tell muscles how to function.  The 3 most common youth sports injuries are groin pull, hamstring strain, and shin splints.  All of these injuries are rooted in the instability of the low back.  If we can create stability in the structure, function and performance go up.  Period.

So in this ever-growing and competitive arena of youth sports, we HAVE to focus more on protecting our kids from injuries.  The path for us to follow to accomplish this is through conditioning and chiropractic.  The right combination of these two things will give our kids exactly what they need to not only be more competitive and perform better, but will also allow them to be healthier and injury-free through their sports careers.   Because let’s face it… someday they won’t be playing football, baseball, basketball, or soccer anymore.  They will have a job and a family.  They will want to ride a bike or throw a ball with their kids.  Together we HAVE to let that dream be a reality.