About 95% of headache sufferers have “primary headaches” such as tension, migraine, or cluster headaches. The other 5% may be caused by other physical conditions or problems and the headache serves as a “warning sign” that something else is wrong. The “key” in the 5% of potentially dangerous types of headaches is to pay attention to when there is a rapid onset, if they are very intense, and are “different” from other headaches previously suffered. When nervous system symptoms occur that are unusual for that person, such as lapses in memory, the person is not responding, rapid onset of dizziness, balance disturbance, and/or a “blinding sharp pain,” these should trigger a warning sign that something specific and potentially dangerous may be causing the headache.

For the main 95% of headaches sufferers, neck tension is a common complaint with the headache. Research supports that spinal adjustments, the primary form of care utilized by chiropractors, is an effective option for tension headaches. A study conducted by J.S Wright in D.C. found that 76.6% of patients with reoccurring headaches, including migraines, were either cured or experienced reduced headache symptoms after receiving chiropractic adjustments. Another study found that adjustments were effective, not only for relieving the headache, but had a sustained benefit AFTER it was discontinued after a 4-week treatment period. This was NOT seen in a similar tension-type headache group receiving prescribed medication treatment only.

95% of the time a headache can and usually is related to a bone out of normal functioning position within your neck causing decreased blood flow to your brain and muscle tension in your neck. Chiropractic can help.