How Does Chiropractic Help Your Overall Health?

The first step to great overall health is a properly functioning spine. There are 24 independent vertebrae in your spinal column and when two or more are not working properly (otherwise known as a subluxation or misalignment), it can cause a pinched nerve and thereby pain, decreased mobility, and organ dysfunction.  Routine yearly chiropractic evaluations are a vital role in the detection and prevention of subluxations and increased quality of health.

Just as pain or discomfort is an indicator that something may be significantly wrong with your nervous system, lack of pain and discomfort is also NOT an indicator of good health. By the time pain or discomfort occurs, the originating cause may have been present for months or even years causing damage and decay.
There is GOOD news!!!  It is well proven that with regular and routine chiropractic evaluations and treatments patients are living longer, happier, and pain free lives.