Meet the Doctors

Dr. Kimberly O’Gorman Raby

Dr. Kimberly O’Gorman Raby has been helping people embrace a healthy lifestyle for over a decade.  Her commitment to a balance of proper diet, adequate rest, moderate exercise, positive mental attitude, and a clear functioning nervous system has been the foundation of her practice from the very beginning.  Dr. Kim built a beautiful and very busy office in West Palm Beach for ten years where she saw and cared for many pregnant women, infants and children, entire families, seniors, and everyone in between.   Although pain management has never been her focus, many people with terrible debilitating pain were cared for in her office with great results.  With the birth of her son in 2010, Dr. Kim made the life changing decision to open a new practice close to her home where her and her family are an integral part of their community.

It is Dr. Kim’s greatest hope that she will be able to serve the community of Fort Lauderdale and provide a loving place for families to learn healthy habits.

My Story

After graduating from Penn State, I worked in the corporate world in downtown Philadelphia for 2 years. During that time, I quickly realized that what I thought to be my passion and purpose in life was not to be found where I was living. I moved with a friend, who was beginning chiropractic school, to Atlanta, Georgia.

While living and working in Atlanta, I was influenced by my roommate to try chiropractic care to possibly help me manage and deal with the debilitating headaches I had suffered from my entire life. At that time, it was not uncommon for me to take an entire bottle of Tylenol in a week to just deal with the daily headaches and migraines that were stopping me from enjoying my life. Within two months of regular corrective chiropractic care, I was no longer taking medication (AT ALL) and I was not experiencing headaches either. Being pain free was something I never even imagined could exist.

This event changed my entire world as I saw it. I became a adamant patient advocate telling everyone who would sit still for a moment how amazing chiropractic was and how it changed my life. The more I learned about chiropractic the more I saw the beauty in the connectedness that exists between a patient and his/her doctor. In that moment, chiropractic found me. I truly feel from the bottom of my heart that I retired at the age of 25 when I enrolled in chiropractic school. I enjoy and love every day of my life being with and helping my community.


To give, to love, and to serve my community to the best of my ability without the expectation of anything in return.


  • Life University – Graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2001
  • Proficient in the following techniques: Full Spine, Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Activator, Upper Cervical and Extremities
  • Penn State University – Graduated with an Accounting degree in 1993

Associations & Memberships

  • Florida Chiropractic Society
  • South Florida Chiropractic Association

Dr. Elizabeth Bednar

Dr. Elizabeth Bednar “Dr. Liz” attended Rutgers University and graduated from Life Chiropractic College. After owning two practices of her own in New Jersey, she decided to move to Florida after having her third son. Dr. Liz has been practicing chiropractic care for 36 years and joined our Dynamic team in 2018. Dr. Liz is a very valuable and knowledgeable member of our team, and she takes great pride in helping every patient that walks through the door.